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Shannon’s Testimony        


    I grew up in Salisbury, Maryland. When I was six years old our neighbor invited me and my brother to go to church with him. My brother and I began attending regularly the Sunday school of the Bible Baptist Church in Salisbury, but my parents did not. One Sunday I didn’t want to go to church, but my father said, “You’re going anyway!” I replied that it wasn’t right, because he never went to church. My brother and I went to Sunday school that morning and the Lord started to convict my parents for not going to church. They showed up that morning for the main service. That morning they found Salvation through Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their Saviour. They were baptized that same day (Acts 8:37). They began to attend church faithfully and got involved in the church’s bus ministry. They are now faithful members of the Salisbury Baptist Temple. My father is a bus captain. Later when I was ten years old I accepted Jesus as my Saviour and was baptized.

In January of 1990, I surrendered my life to do whatever God wanted at the same missions conference were my husband surrendered to go to the mission field. At that time we did not know that God would bring us together one day. After graduating from high school I enrolled in the Bible College where Jonathan was attending and the next year on June 14th 1997, we were married. Since, than God has blessed us with thirteen children.

In August of 2000, we went to Bulgaria for the first time. My heart broke for the people and I knew that God was calling my husband and I to Bulgaria.


"as unto a light that shineth in a dark place"  2 Pet 1:19