Here is a list of things we can not buy here in Bulgaria. They are not in any certain order.These are not necessarily needs, just wants and cravings from time to time. Iíll try to add things as I think of them.

††††††††††††††††††† Shannon Owens

Childrenís books in English

Music CDís

Patch the Pirate CDís

Peanut butter

Macaroni and Cheese

Taco seasonings

Vanilla extract


Cake, brownie mixes


White Cheddar cheezits

Slim Jims

Summer sausage

Vanilla and chocolate pudding mixes

Childrenís books

Music CDís

Patch the Pirate CDís

Vitamin C (chewable)

Heavy tights for girls 3T and up

Italian dressing packets

French dressing

Ranch dip packets

Crystal lite packets

Ocean Spray cran-grape packets



Our address in Bulgaria:

Jonathan and Shannon Owens

Ulica ďProletĒ Ļ 4††††††††

2344 Studena, Bulgaria


Phone # 011 359 7 715 2688

Cell # 011-359-898-697-244


Instructions on sending packages

Please do not send support to our field address. We can not cash checks here!

All other correspondence and packages can be sent to our address in Bulgaria. When sending a package, please do not declare a value of over $49. Any package declared at a value over $49 is vigorously taxed by customs in Bulgaria.